Of dating

Life is the most excites when you start dating, like in another word you suddenly fall in love with a guy out of no where. I still remember the first day I met this guy during my first week in mess. I don't have any feelings for him. He is such a mengada trying me or am I just have feeling it on one side love. Anyway the words I love you comes 6 month after continous texting. He park beside my car. I didn't know that is one of the tactic. So tricky this one. But it makes my heart flutters. Well maybe, a little bit.

I remembered the first time of dating was with his friends( and the nice asus laptop) , me with my tiny notepad trying to figure out excel sheets. But it worth the view because it was infront of klcc view. After two weeks, he's gone. And I felt like I have lost a good friends. I was clingy at that time. And I went through courses. I texted him. I didn't know I have the capability to do that. And I called him. We talk for hours. Oh mai god what was that?

So, the friendship grows .From knowing hobbies, favourite foods, family to deep conversations. Sometimes, there were times the conversation flows and a glimpse of it give you goosebump. Like who is that I'm talking heart to heart with. He become so close and everytime you got text and call. Your heart wants to explode.

To question the gift of love is somewhat unquestionable. It is pure comes from your heart. I once felt that the love is gone. I feel like he try to avoid me. That the relationship is over. Suddenly, it blooms again. And we become so comfortable with each other. And he met my parents, and my annoying little brothers. Priceless.Once my squad said to me, if you fell the sparks maybe Allah already open your heart to deserve love.

If you reading this. My grammar sucks. My vocabulary is way to far from good.

I love you NAJ


Anonymous said…
OMG !, Sungguh romantis. hehehe

nama rahsia.

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