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my practical attachment is over!


I had endure so much during my practical attachments as well as doing my part time there.Working for 12 hours a day is no jokes.I can't barely opened my eyes when it goes to days four.Imagine that you had to serve customer while you are mentally exhausted and plus you had less knowledge about drugs and so...
Customer keeps coming in like crazy.sometimes there were questions like
can you get me a cholesterol medication with the highest price? can you suggest me a supplement for my granny? what did cell placenta did to our body? what is the difference between fish oil and omega oil? I buy darah tinggi drugs before names ***** ,white ,round,like for me
and a lot more..My brains sometimes do works fast,but most of time I'm getting blurred and my pharmacist came to save me.Or should I said I run through the counter asking for someone helps regarding the customer needs.
I'm glad that it is over.I am mentally exhausted.But it s…