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My first hiking experience

Broga Hill ,9 August 2015

12.30 am My phone vibrated.It was my cousin, Adha,He reminded me of our plans.I said, I had googled the path to Semenyih. It took an hour to reach there.I could felt he was worried to take me there.He also asked whether I'm on my period (privately of course,I felt shocked by the question but man,he really cares A LOT).My brother got back home late that night,and they would need a couple minute of rest.I said to him to wait for us.
1.30 am We went to Section 7,S.Alam to pick up my cousins.I fill my tummy with a glass of hot milo. The most carbs I could digest in the early morn.Then,we packed our belonging and headed to Semenyih.
3.15 am We sat calmly inside our car,the ambiance was serene.The road lamp toward the destination seems to be gloomy as we enter deep into the palm oil plantation. I gulp my saliva,while trying to remember some zikr in my mind.This is it..I had jog everyday to keep my stamina within the guys pace.At least to half of their level.I …

Woman,High Education and Career

Nowadays,it is important for a girl to score first in class,than she must learn how to cook.I don't know since when modernization had brought a girl to the new perspective of life. I remembered my late grandmother said,they have no worries to excel in study ,a man will marry them and handle them with care afterwards.But,that reason seems invalid right now.A girl need to compete with boys.Because it is the only way she could secure herself,while waiting for her prince charming.

             Let me take myself for example.Because I am the eldest in my sibling,it is a must for me to think about protecting my family.For that,I need a big career in life.Having a boyfriend will surely distract myself from getting high score in exams .Plus,I need to commit myself in relationship.I couldn't handle relationship and study at the same time,adding family to it some more!*faint .Reluctantly,I pushed away any single man that tried to be close with me.Of course it hurts me,you …