Saturday, 8 August 2015

My first hiking experience

Broga Hill ,9 August 2015

12.30 am
My phone vibrated.It was my cousin, Adha,He reminded me of our plans.I said, I had googled the path to Semenyih. It took an hour to reach there.I could felt he was worried to take me there.He also asked whether I'm on my period (privately of course,I felt shocked by the question but man,he really cares A LOT).My brother got back home late that night,and they would need a couple minute of rest.I said to him to wait for us.

1.30 am
We went to Section 7,S.Alam to pick up my cousins.I fill my tummy with a glass of hot milo. The most carbs I could digest in the early morn.Then,we packed our belonging and headed to Semenyih.

3.15 am
We sat calmly inside our car,the ambiance was serene.The road lamp toward the destination seems to be gloomy as we enter deep into the palm oil plantation. I gulp my saliva,while trying to remember some zikr in my mind.This is it..I had jog everyday to keep my stamina within the guys pace.At least to half of their level.I hope it works.

4.15 am
Arrived at the foothills of Broga,The soil wasn't wet (which relieved my worries).They positioned me at the center,between five of us.(The toilet charge was RM1 per person.Pricey meh.You should stop at the nearby oil station to chill a lil bit).

4.30 am
In one line,we began to hike.It was fun and thrill,I must say,I was lucky we got to hike when it still dark.Due to psycho effect,I  kept walking ahead and forgot to turn back cause I was scared.My hearts beat so fast I couldn't remember if the rate shoot up to max level,I should carry one of the gadget that helps to detect your heart rate,so you could slow down your move when it went too much.We did stop at some point to catch a breath.

5.00 am
On top of the first mountain.I do an 'air' high five with them.Didn't expected I was still alive. hahah.Don't have much time.I suggest we went up to the next hill.

5.10 am
We had reached into the second hill.Record our time.40 minutes!!.We arrived early,and find a good spot to wait for sunrise.Indeed!! it was a perfect view.We also had the chance to perform our subuh prayer on top of the hill! What a wonderful experience. doesn't stop right there.They had another plan which I don't know why..did I agreed to it.We went to 'Sungai Tekala' .Unfortunately,it was closed due to some case of 'leptospirosis'.I could felt their disappointment there,but we spotted a beautiful dams along the road to exit from Semenyih .Not long after that, we saw a sign to Sungai Gabai 12 km ahead!! what!! 'who vote to do some random activities today!'. Again....I raised my hand and gave my full support to them,though I didn't bring an extra cloth.Why not?? You rarely have every Sunday to enjoy moments like that. hehe

It was the day we decided to hike a hills/mountain once a year.And the group stay on 'whatsapp' to be active again next year. hahaha.Can't wait for the next trip!

Broga acik kau-lah
the beautiful dams we stumbled into

till we meet again:D

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Woman,High Education and Career

             Nowadays,it is important for a girl to score first in class,than she must learn how to cook.I don't know since when modernization had brought a girl to the new perspective of life. I remembered my late grandmother said,they have no worries to excel in study ,a man will marry them and handle them with care afterwards.But,that reason seems invalid right now.A girl need to compete with boys.Because it is the only way she could secure herself,while waiting for her prince charming.

             Let me take myself for example.Because I am the eldest in my sibling,it is a must for me to think about protecting my family.For that,I need a big career in life.Having a boyfriend will surely distract myself from getting high score in exams .Plus,I need to commit myself in relationship.I couldn't handle relationship and study at the same time,adding family to it some more!*faint .Reluctantly,I pushed away any single man that tried to be close with me.Of course it hurts me,you know there was a lot of future doctor and dentist to be at that time.But, I believe in fate, more than I believe that couple in university will bring you to a bride to be.And lotsa men I knew doesn't want to stay in friend zone. hahaha *jokes.We still need to mind our gap.

             So I choose my study instead,and focus on how to use that knowledge to build my career .It helps really! .Even though I didn't yet start my posting and my income is not as much as they would pay me for my PRP. I could give 'duit raya' this year,bought mom a cloth she want,I could treat my family for a dinner.That was the happiest moments I have in my entire life.I swear! .It was the moment I felt that the education that my parents had struggling to give me for the past five year,paid off ! All my worries end and I want to provide more.

             What next?. If I choose my career.I will surely get myself and my love one secure.But,will I be happy living  this life with no partner.Will I get a person who is willing to live with me for his entire life,knowing that I had achieved a great career.Now I understood why Dato Siti married to Dato K.Because at the highest point in a woman career.Only a great man will secure her to the end of her life.That is tough man.I salute you!

Did man have the same thought like this? I wonder and I'm really curious.

p/s : Don't worry.I still have my faith on.And according to my friends, I look younger than my real age*self pat my head. hehe :p

         Enjoy the MV!