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Bachelorette party

Hi! Assalamualaikum

Since today I got a lot of free time because i'm waiting for my car for it's medical checkup (1st 10 000km), I will write something here.

This might be a very late post, but it's
precious and it's better late than never. Hasanah was married two days ago and it went smooth. The bride was very happy excluding some moments that she became a bridezilla only for a short period of times. Well, that happens when your expections doesn't meet your needs right. But, the most important things the bride is happy and she looks beautiful.

Last month, we planned for a short gateaway for her. It was held at The Lost World of Tambun, Perak. As per usual, a whatsapp group was created and all discussions went through it. It is so much easier to plan surprise with technology!

We choose the place because the brides want to play at waterpark. She look forward for that holiday because she works hard to finish her housemanship and preparing for wedding, by herself. Lo…

Closing 2017

I have stories, too many that I hope someone special will listen to me But He is nowhere to be found And I was left alone..again
I hope for strength,passions and more sparks in 2018
May the odds will ever be with me Because I'm unique, in my own way