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Dear my future grandson

Dear my future grandson,

Let me tell you about my story.On how your grandma start to make a decision to join army.It is a very tough one.I swear!.One word that I could say.The job chase me,and it is my fate to serve for peoples who needed me most.No matter how much I ran from it,my heart goes back to be a military officer.I'm guessing that I really do interested in army.At once,people underestimate me,they tell me I'm short,that army doesn't suit me,I'm not capable of being strong,but the most that I hurt is when they tell me I can't .But, I did it my dear grandson.I pass all the interview.I proves them that this short lady is going to be an army soon.

Dear my future grandson,

I went into a lot of interview,but the interview with Director of Pharmacy in Royal Armed Forces,had change me into a whole new person.He gives me a task,to read a book.Sun Tzu The Art of War.From the book,I learned.He gives me order.Things that I never did before.He push me to get out of my…

3rd hiking experience : Bukit tabur West

Hello there!

I hope you're doing good,with works,study and everything.I am quite busy with my life lately.I don't even have the chance to start studying for my upcoming forensic exams (which I failed 3 month ago).For your info,I need to take the jurisdiction exams to be a licensed pharmacist.Still,it is hard to juggle between works,family and exams. haha.I didn't get the chance to start my posting at the hospital yet,(belum rezeki lagi) but,some of my friends did get their posting around Selangor and Sabah. At this moment,I will read the law by heart,and make sure I will pass the exams. hee


A week ago,I went to hike Tabur hills.It was so random.I went there with some new friends that I've met at the gym.It was a pleasure to meet new peoples.I just need to be aggressive .Just because,I'm not the one whom will start the conversation.But you'll get a new perspective every time you met strangers.I would say,you need to go with the flow.nah

Actually,we decided t…

POCH Mount Irau Expedition (2nd hiking @ Mossy Forest)

Did I just change my blog's name? It had been countless time I do so.I salute bloggers out there whom could stick with one name.You've got your own brand and meaning behind it.Salute!.I named it 'perempuanblablabla',because at that time I thought I've always had the detail explanation about EVERYTHING.Now, The pink windbreaker symbolize the new highlight pink windbreaker I had bought.Since,I travels wearing it a lot.Why not? It's shocking pink.I need to make an entrance! hehe

Wait untill I wear it for my second hike.It helps.Peoples easily recognize me as one of their group.(Steady kakak pink!) was what they yelled at me.I couldn't care less.As long as,I am not lost in the middle of the no where.hahah

Here is 5 things you need to do if you are interested to hike Mount Irau.The well known mossy forest.

1.It will be close in October,for them to fix the trail .Probably,you can try to hike it next year.Please check before you go.Don't forget to make sure t…

My first hiking experience

Broga Hill ,9 August 2015

12.30 am My phone vibrated.It was my cousin, Adha,He reminded me of our plans.I said, I had googled the path to Semenyih. It took an hour to reach there.I could felt he was worried to take me there.He also asked whether I'm on my period (privately of course,I felt shocked by the question but man,he really cares A LOT).My brother got back home late that night,and they would need a couple minute of rest.I said to him to wait for us.
1.30 am We went to Section 7,S.Alam to pick up my cousins.I fill my tummy with a glass of hot milo. The most carbs I could digest in the early morn.Then,we packed our belonging and headed to Semenyih.
3.15 am We sat calmly inside our car,the ambiance was serene.The road lamp toward the destination seems to be gloomy as we enter deep into the palm oil plantation. I gulp my saliva,while trying to remember some zikr in my mind.This is it..I had jog everyday to keep my stamina within the guys pace.At least to half of their level.I …

Woman,High Education and Career

Nowadays,it is important for a girl to score first in class,than she must learn how to cook.I don't know since when modernization had brought a girl to the new perspective of life. I remembered my late grandmother said,they have no worries to excel in study ,a man will marry them and handle them with care afterwards.But,that reason seems invalid right now.A girl need to compete with boys.Because it is the only way she could secure herself,while waiting for her prince charming.

             Let me take myself for example.Because I am the eldest in my sibling,it is a must for me to think about protecting my family.For that,I need a big career in life.Having a boyfriend will surely distract myself from getting high score in exams .Plus,I need to commit myself in relationship.I couldn't handle relationship and study at the same time,adding family to it some more!*faint .Reluctantly,I pushed away any single man that tried to be close with me.Of course it hurts me,you …

affan masuk asrama

umi harini dapat tawaran masuk asrama.Tapi,affan tak nak pegi.kawan affan kata kena simbah air.
Apa relationnya tu.Dengan pantas aku cakap.Umi masukkan je dia kat asrama biar dia belajar.Being the most tak kisah punya perangai.Affan tak macam kiteorang dari kecik dah ada tugas masing-masing tampal dekat tepi peti ais.Buang sampah,sapu,lap habuk,mop lantai,lipat kain...dan seterusnya kerja rumah selalu aku divide dengan yun dan yap.Basically yun hanya mendongak tinggi dengan kerja buang sampah dia selalu buat.Macam eh kakak pegi buat kerja aku dah buang sampah.LOL
Tapi, akhirnya aku berjaya paksa dia masuk asrama.Bila aku tengok balik affan ni macam takde life.Really spoil punya generasi Y.balik main game.hujng minggu online.Bila aku ajak jogging dia sanggup kunci diri dalam bilik.Tapi,haritu ntah macammana marathon dia dapat no 18.Dengan bangga tunjuk medal sambil cakap tengok ni I'm not that spoil sis,I can run too.pfft
Jadi,semalam mula lah aktiviti beli barang asrama.Umi biasa…

How to adapt as a newbies

I'm not a pro,bukan banyak pengalaman.tukar kerja baru tiga kali.So,I just wonder how to fit in in the new enviroment,new staff,new gossip.So let's me tell you my way...

1.Berdiam diri on the first week.Ok this might be a play safe method.Tapi selalunya berjaya.Observe orang sekeliling.Kalau orang tanya kita jawab.kalau tak don't bother.

2.Elakkan bercerita tentang diri sendiri,cukup sekadar nama,asal,umur..dan err status.Dengar cerita orang and angguk-angguk sambil beri sikit pandangan.Orang bukan nak tau sangat cerita kita.Cuma nak carik topik untuk bercakap.

3.Senyum seyum selalu.Maniskan muka.Kalau tak senyum balik pun takpe.Keep a good attitude.

4.Be a nerd.Jangan buat-buat pandai macam ohhhh saya tau ni.Dengar dulu explaination baru proceed kerja.

5.Bila dah dua minggu,biasa akan selesa dengan flow kerja.Then baru boleh start nak minggle dengan staf.

That's it! simple kan...bila nak masuk hospital ni hurmmmm.kbye