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apple type,pear type

اسلام عليكم catchy or not?the title..hehe
Yesterday,I took community pharmacy class with Dr.sahar.I was happy to know that we will start with a new topic which was' OTC weight control'.you don't know how desperate I am, the last time when the doctor told us that she would like to skip those topic and move on to professional communication lecture instead.*mumbling inside*
FYI,OTC stand for( over the counter drugs)which mean a drug without prescription.I just can't believe we also had OTC for weight control.Gaahhh!!excited much.
Back to basic,we learn about BMI(body mass index),a parameter to assess the overall risk of developing heart disease when patient are overweight.ok.everyone know t his.
but,did you know.which type of body shape is more susceptible to danger.
1.overweight people with large abdomen(waist bigger than hip measurement)APPLE TYPE. 2.overweight people with smaller abdomen(hip bigger than waist measurement)PEAR TYPE.
FACT:APPLE TYPE are generally in worse health…

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