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End holiday vacation: Malacca


Aku baru selamat sampai ke mesir dua hari.Jadi ,dengan serta merta tamatlah cuti summer yang super panjang dan relax dan makan.Sebab utama  balik ke sini adalah permohonan untuk sambung Malaysia ditolak.I was very upset.Indeed.Aku berharap dapat buat  practical di hospital Malaysia untuk memudahkan diri masa posting nanti.But,yeah cut the crap.I didn't get the golden chance.So,I'm back to reality.

Disebabkan aku macam sedikit down.My beloved moms ajak pergi bercuti.I was eager to go to beach.Since adik semua lelaki dan ade dua orang kecik lagi.Kiteorang selalu pergi water teampark.Budak2 tu suka air.Tapi,waktu pergi Lost world of tambun haritu aku bosan sebab yun dengan yap dah takde.Terpaksa  naik ride sorang-sorang.Tambahan pulak water ride semua kena naik dua orang,nak naik dengan Affan dia 'acrophobia' pulak.ceh I dah sewa pelampung tau penat je bazir duit....

Dipendekkan cerita kiteorang pergi Melaka.Pantai Tanjung Kling.

Menginap dekat Shah Vi…



Semalam first time dalam sejarah pening kepala dalam panggung wayang.Tengok cerita Gravity dengan yap.Space tu berpusing-pusing sampai sakit mata.Saya tutup kejap mata.Maybe terlampau penat tengok space.Tapi,lepas bukak rasa macam nak muntah popcorn pun ade.

Anyway,it's a good story.Tapi bila ingat balik memang tak nak tengok dah.Memikirkannya je dah buat pening kepala.Cerita dari awal ke akhir tentang mission diaorang dekat space.

Dr Ryan stone ni adalah seorang doktor biasa.Tapi anak dia mati.Suami dia tak sure.Tapi,kiranya dia ni memang lifeless la.So,dia decide unutk join mission  ni.

Antara quotes yang paling saya suka..

What do I do? What do I do?

Tiba2 masa tengah buat mission tu.Ade serpihan kapal angkasa lain pecah dan termasuk dalam latitude diaorang.So,automatically diaorang kena berhentikan mission .Sut angkasa lepas ni macam ade satu tali yang attachkan seorang angkasawan dengan angkasawan lain so dorang tak terbang tempat lain.Tiba2 tali tu putus.S…

circuit training and more

What is Circuit Training?Circuittraining is a fast-paced class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise. It’s like a game of musical chairs: Everyone begins at a station (that is, a place where an exercise is done), and when the instructor yells “Time!” everyone moves to the next free station. Some classes alternate an aerobic activity (like stepping or stationary cycling) with a muscle-strengthening activity (like using weightmachines). Others focus exclusively on muscle toning or aerobic exercise. Consider the following if you are interested in taking a circuit training class: What circuit training does for you: Increases your strength and aerobic fitness and burns lots of calories. However, you don’t get the same level of conditioning as you would from doing your aerobics and strengthtraining separately. If you take circuit classes, aim to get in an additional 20 minutes of straight aerobic exercise at least three days a week. The…

my practical attachment is over!


I had endure so much during my practical attachments as well as doing my part time there.Working for 12 hours a day is no jokes.I can't barely opened my eyes when it goes to days four.Imagine that you had to serve customer while you are mentally exhausted and plus you had less knowledge about drugs and so...
Customer keeps coming in like crazy.sometimes there were questions like
can you get me a cholesterol medication with the highest price? can you suggest me a supplement for my granny? what did cell placenta did to our body? what is the difference between fish oil and omega oil? I buy darah tinggi drugs before names ***** ,white ,round,like for me
and a lot more..My brains sometimes do works fast,but most of time I'm getting blurred and my pharmacist came to save me.Or should I said I run through the counter asking for someone helps regarding the customer needs.
I'm glad that it is over.I am mentally exhausted.But it s…

babysitter advice needed

To anyone who cares...

Being together with my two little brothers created a chaos to my daily life.Unlike Amirul and Ashraf.Affan and Arief can't get along well.It's actually Affan whom always bullied Arief. But,sometimes this little kid is quite annoying to his big brothers.

And I'm stuck here to resolve the fight.

Sometimes the fight makes no sense.Like who will be the first to go to kitchen.Who will be the first to eat.Small things makes a big fight,cries and more.That time my voice could raise higher till both of them cries at me.

Arief is living with my auntie at our 'kampung' and will be back for a month in a year.Yet,they still fight like there is no tomorrow.I really worried about their relationship.Just look at the pictures below.Once I ask them to have a pictures together.See Affan unwilling to take pictures with Arief.And Arief with his own world happy to take pictures with Affan.

Sincerely ,
The worried sister

wedding call

I think that this might be the time when all your friends didn't just gossiping about those handsome guys or attracting ladies.Things are getting serious now,as we all believe that we were being matured.And being able to have the responsibilities to be wife and husband.
So yeah,,today is the first call of my high school friend's wedding..nasuha. It seems like everyone was excited to join the first wedding in our batch.So do I.It's good that I had iffah and fatin,willing to pick me up from home and we off to gombak.It was confusing and the GPS is gila ,we end up getting lost at KL.gosh !
But,alhamdulillah we found the way there and arrived at 2.30pm.Oh yea.. I forgot to tell that we went to aeon big to buy some presents.Our first presents to's awkward...seriously.I was juggling with the wrapper and the big box at the back seat inside the car along the way there.
so here is my partner in crime to the wedding.
 I managed to meet my ol…

I'm feelin twenty two

It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters
And make fun of our exes, uh uh uh uh
It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight
To fall in love with strangers uh uh uh uh
We're happy free confused and lonely at the same time
It's miserable and magical oh yeah
Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines, it's time uh uh

I don't know about you but im feeling 22
Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you
You don't know about me but I bet you want to
Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22, 22

It seems like one of those nights
This place is too crowded too many cool kids
It seems like one of those nights
We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming instead of sleeping
We're happy free confused and lonely in the best way
It's miserable and magical oh yeah
Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks, it's time uh uh

I don't know about you but im feeling 22
Everything …

ubat selsema


Soalan basic untuk customer yang tanya pasal nak ubat selsema..

nak beli untuk kanak2 atau dewasa?
ada hidung tersumbat(block nose) atau runny nose?
nak yang mengantuk atau tak mengantuk?

Untuk soalan yang pertama..ubat selsema ada dalam bentuk tablets dan syrup.Biasanya formula syrup guna untuk budak kecil yang tak boleh nak telan tablets.

Basically active ingredient untuk ubat selsema adalah antihistamine.Kalau nak senang ,tengok active ingredient dekat strips/bottle ubat tu sendiri.Haritu ,saya kena cari dalam farmasi 5 jenis brand name ubat selsema untuk block nose (mengantuk dan tak mengantuk) dan 5 jenis brand name untuk runny nose (untuk mengantuk dan tak mengantuk)

Active ingredient untuk runny nose:
# loratadine dengan cetirizine (untuk tak mengantuk)
#dexcholrpheniramine (untuk mengantuk)
Saya bagi satu contoh brand name 'polarax' mengandungi dexchlorpheniramine malaeate.Jadi,ubat ni guna untuk runny nose dan mengantuk.Ada 3 jenis ubat yang brand n…

training experience:memahami dan bersikap profesional


Kita hold sekejap pasal ubat selsema.Nak share satu benda tipikal sepanjang saya kerja dekat farmasi.

Mungkin kenyataan ini sedikit tidak menyenangkan.Biar kita fikir secara positif dan matang.I won't allow you to laugh at any of my words .sengih pun tak boleh..(kalau tengah sengih sekarang..ZIP..ZIP your mouth.

Ade setengah situasi , customer dekat farmasi rasa benda tu memalukan bagi dia.Jadi kita sebagai orang yang belajar kena faham.Ideologi kita tak sama dengan mereka.Dan mereka mengharapkan kita faham mereka.bukan ketawakan mereka.

mari saya bagi cuma dekat farmasi je..kalau dekat hospital lagila...kan?

#Ade seorang kakak ni masuk.Dia pusing satu farmasi.Saya cakap dengan danesh(kawan sekerja saya)..tolong tengokkan kakak tu nak apa.Dah nak dekat 3 kali dia pusing.Kakak tu diam bila danesh tanya.Jadi, saya pergi dekat dia tanya nak apa?dia tarik tangan saya pergi dekat sudut.Adik...dekat sini ade jual pregnancy test tak? (dalam hati saya dia bawak…

Ubat untuk demam

Alhamdulillah..luka accident dah kering.Training dekat farmasi saya postpone ke bulan 9.Setelah seminggu kerja dan training dekat farmasi.Saya adalah belajar sikit-sikit.So,sempena saya cuti takde buat pape.Nak share sikit apa yang saya dapat semasa training.

50% patient yang datang dekat farmasi akan cakap saya nak ubat demam.

tapi,tanggungjawab kita sebagai orang yang belajar sains kesihatan untuk caunselling patient.Jadi,kena tanya patient..

nak ubat demam untuk siapa?(sebab kita taktau mungkin dia nak beli untuk anak atau atuk dia)
dah berapa hari demam?
ada rasa sakit badan?
ada rasa batuk,selsema atau sakit tekak?
(atau symtomp yang kita rasa berkaitan dengan demam)

ubat yang saya nak bincang harini ubat demam basic...benda pertama yang pharmacist tanya saya waktu first day kerja.Dose untuk paracetamol berapa? terkial-kial saya membuka BNF(british national formulae),atau lebih dikenali sebagai kamus ubat. 15mg/kg untuk kanak-kanak,0.5-1 g untuk dewasa.maximum dose 4 g.Jad…



Pertama anda harus tahu saya sangat obses dengan makanan yang banyakkkk sayur,tofu,sup dan yang nampak sihat.Berkongsi minat yang sama dengan housemate sendiri.Kami berdua menyimpan cita-cita untuk menikmati makanan korea di midvalley.Taktau la berapa banyak kali kiteorang refresh page dubu-dubu restaurant dekat FB.haha.

Dan akhirnya impian tersebut menjadi kenyataan harini:)

Bagi yang tak tahu dubu-dubu adalah makanan korea dari seoul.Anda boleh merasai sendiri rasa dan feel makan makanan korea beserta side dish yang terkenal seperti kimchi,radish,taugeh,dan sup seaweed.Tapi,setelah mencuba sendiri tadi,kiteorg berdua sepakat mengatakan dorang dah ubahsuai sikit rasa supaya kena dengan  lidah orang kita.Jadi,tak yah risaula kalau siapa yang susah nak cuba makanan yang baru.Puas hati dan murah.

 yang ni saya punya..spicy tobbokki (rice cake) .Rasa dia macam yong tau fuu sikit.Dah cakap tadi..dia modify sikit rasa,Yang penting dapat rasa rice cake ..price:14.50 ala …

Bersenam dalam rumah


hai hai ape khabar?

Sekejap je masa berlalu.saya baru habis written dan oral paper ke lima.Tinggal 3 lagi paper .Kawan-kawan pun dah nak dekat final written dan ade yang dah habis pun exam.Maksudnya semua orang dah nak balik.Dah nak berkampung dekat rumah masing-masing.menggemukkan diri...

Sedihnya dah habis pergi gym.Dulu dekat treadmill dan cycling tulah tempat melepaskan segala dendam.Apa semua benda tak kena haritu lepas dekat situ.Balik dari kelas stress-stress terus bantai bersenam.Suci muka dengan peluh-peluh sihat.Dan alatan-alatan gym tulah tempat bermanja tiap2 hari.Dok angkat tarik tiap-tiap hari.tsk tsk.amboi melampau emo

Ah sudah..
Point dekat sini cuma nak berkongsi cara untuk bersenam indoors.Memang pilihan gadis-gadis zaman kini yang malas nak keluar.Lagi-lagi kalau sampai tempat nak jog je ramai pulak lelaki.hadeh..memang aku lari sopan kepit-kepit bawak towel 24 jam nak lap peluh. kan?

ye saya faham benar perasaan itu.

1.AEROBIC...bunyi macam borin…

I support you 200 %


I'm taking a short break from memorizing all the medicinal chemistry subject for tomorrow.

alright..forget about the intro.I would like to congratulate my second brother for being able to enter university  this week. wohoooo!! a big applause to you yap!<3 p="">
Though i know you really want the architecture course so much.But you were still be able to endure and accept what best for you.Allah knows best.You keep telling that on your twitter and facebook.I honestly feel envy of you brother.

1.Because you always learn from my mistakes.

2.You always had a great opportunities to every place that you go.You got a lot of friends.You were easily blend with peoples.And peoples love you.

3.You had never be a burden to our family.You did all things by yourself .Your vision in life was like go with the flow.but,it was a good flow indeed.'ll had a brighter future.berkat doa semua orang.

4.You really had the soft heart for a man.I remembe…

balteem pharmily outing

Assalamualaikum bloggers!

Harap anda sihat..sebab internet line ni semakin hari semakin teruk.Event ni dah seminggu berlalu.Nak cerita pun macam kurang feel.heheh.Apepun.Esok dah mula cuti easter day seminngu campur rabu,khamis,jumaat dah sepoloh hari.sebelum line internet mati, saya nak cerita pasal family outing kami haritu.^^

Kami bertolak pagi pukul 5.30am.Btw,saya telah ditugaskan buat breakfast.sandwich telur dan satu lagi saya buat breakfast yang umi suka buat kat rumah.daging ayam+hotdog+carrot..simmer with onion and seasoning...and wallah.alhamdulillah tade sape2 yang sakit perut atau termuntah dalam bas makan breakfast yang saya buat.oh dan extra banana cake.Taktau la macammana cake tu boleh jadi super ataupun memang semua orang tengah lapar time tu....kami naik coaster dan sampai ke balteem dalam pukul 8 pagi.

OMG!! it's beach time everybody! taktau la semenjak dua menjak ni taste ni dah menua mengidam nak jalan-jalan dekat pantai..tengok ombak rindu?(eh tu aca…