Monday, 27 March 2017

A year of memories

Hi readers!

It's been a year and I already put on another step of rank in military. Alhamdulillah. I can feel that my boss were not satisfied by my achievement but I've been working really hard so far .Well, I didn't applied for any leave and I've been committed to all events organized in military, I did my oncall stuff. So let's took  a deep breath and say well done to myself. And basically all the wish that I got was so...HAMBAR except from Mr Bean because he will get excited every time I did something good or stupid.*insertwink  hehe

Lemme bring you to the arena of me a year ago,

This is what we called PT tempur. It was hell for a first timer like me. I hate side roll it was my uttermost weakness and my coach will tell me to do that every time he got angry with me. I swear I faint tak sampai 10 side rolls pon. It was the last thing I want to do in my life. Because I hate dizziness and anything that give my brain a hangwire.*Am really not a pure army blood sheesh

This is my second time on charlie. I was into PARATROOPERS at this time not knowing how dangerous and risky it would do to a human being. HAHA. I love how they did all the exercise which were insane but still survives. I may not tell you the secret but these peoples are very rare species and willing to die for the country.That is why it is listed in our elite force. I still adore this people they just amazing and they know nothing about their amazing-ness.

Again..A picture of  roll. HAHAHA I love forward roll though. It is much easier and  if you got proper tactic you can cheat on your coach. Nope. Side roll cannot. You just get dizzier in every move. A friend of mine said that people who could do side roll shows that his/her body were fit enough. The navy scout will probably get advantage on this since they will develop motion sickness off-shore. And why is tentera darat need to do that (big question mark)

Opsie! I forgot I was thin before. Looking like a high school students and enter military like a boss. Hehe I will get my body back ! period ! .The old senior once said to me, you can't be happy/ senang hati being in army. Because once you feels that, you will become sluggish and unable to concentrate on works.

We played a cruel game called evade & escape. My STO sir bullied the komando group because they loose. Poor them at that time they really suffers a lot, but let it be a histories. You guys are so macho back then. And our group wins because we were PARA group.

I am always in a love and hate relationships with karaoke. I have a sore throat for a week because of that I swear it hurts. A LOT yeah

Our first date. LOL whatever!

The first time I become a partner during mess night. I swear it was the best time ever. I just enjoyed every part of it. Thanks dear and sorry I didn't put on my suit. I spilled on mushroom soups on my white mess night kit a week before and it must need to be dry clean at shah alam.yes..shah alam. I felt my skin so bright and beautiful and special because someone prepare a lot of things for me. He did a good job. You did a great job dear sir dear! *insertlove

I think it's a great year. Being a military officer, getting your paid every month and being mentally tortured as you need to go anywhere all around the world. I get tired, I sometimes doesn't want to wake up for tomorrow. End up looking back at life and you survives. I believe there is always a lessons and we must always be patience.

 Qs. Al-Baqarah : 216

' Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal ia amat buruk bagimu. Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Hi Assalamualaikum readers

(or anyone who still remember this blog exist)

This could be the current update of my life. I've been serving military for a year and succeed in being promoted to lieutenant.(I hope so, peoples keeps bugging us if we're not getting promoted in the given time). For me 2016 had teach me a lot of lessons. It makes me grow at the same time drain my energy and critical thinking.

Being a woman in military is a no joke. You need to be mentally strong, as in military they applied the concept of equality. Meaning that whatever men can do ,women also did the same thing. If a man lift a 10kg wooden log, without excuse you did the same exercise. Regardless your weight neither your feelings. I also learnt to love a person .( yes dear readers..FINALLY , I met my mr. right but let us consider this relationship at the level of knowing 'hati-budi' ).

Talking about that, I thought  I was ready to end my single status, yet there is more rooms for me to learn before I enter the next stage of life. I was dissapointed and confused. My parents put some hopes for me to be serious ( I am not surprise as most of my cousins got engaged and married -.-) .I am serious, but let us consider my mr right need his own time to think for our future.* insert smiley face. And I need my space to get ready for any obstacles.

oh and that's it

I have nothing to say untill I have a lot to say Im going to bed because I need to go back to kl tomorrow i hates kuala lumpur peoples are freaking crazy at the roads and traffics.