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3rd hiking experience : Bukit tabur West

Hello there!

I hope you're doing good,with works,study and everything.I am quite busy with my life lately.I don't even have the chance to start studying for my upcoming forensic exams (which I failed 3 month ago).For your info,I need to take the jurisdiction exams to be a licensed pharmacist.Still,it is hard to juggle between works,family and exams. haha.I didn't get the chance to start my posting at the hospital yet,(belum rezeki lagi) but,some of my friends did get their posting around Selangor and Sabah. At this moment,I will read the law by heart,and make sure I will pass the exams. hee


A week ago,I went to hike Tabur hills.It was so random.I went there with some new friends that I've met at the gym.It was a pleasure to meet new peoples.I just need to be aggressive .Just because,I'm not the one whom will start the conversation.But you'll get a new perspective every time you met strangers.I would say,you need to go with the flow.nah

Actually,we decided t…