Tuesday, 22 September 2015

POCH Mount Irau Expedition (2nd hiking @ Mossy Forest)

Did I just change my blog's name? It had been countless time I do so.I salute bloggers out there whom could stick with one name.You've got your own brand and meaning behind it.Salute!.I named it 'perempuanblablabla',because at that time I thought I've always had the detail explanation about EVERYTHING.Now, The pink windbreaker symbolize the new highlight pink windbreaker I had bought.Since,I travels wearing it a lot.Why not? It's shocking pink.I need to make an entrance! hehe

Wait untill I wear it for my second hike.It helps.Peoples easily recognize me as one of their group.(Steady kakak pink!) was what they yelled at me.I couldn't care less.As long as,I am not lost in the middle of the no where.hahah

Here is 5 things you need to do if you are interested to hike Mount Irau.The well known mossy forest.

1.It will be close in October,for them to fix the trail .Probably,you can try to hike it next year.Please check before you go.Don't forget to make sure the weather is good,it was hazing badly when I was there,but the IPU reading was fine at Pahang,So, it was safe.

2.Prepare your hiking gear.If you plan to hike on the monsoon season,be prepared for the muddy ground.The mud is cold,and it would make your feet cramp a lot easier.If you want a dry trail,do your hiking in February to March.But you will not be able to enjoy the mossy view.(explained by one of the ranger).Wear an attire you will not care to get dirty on.Don't forget the glove.The wooden branch was slippery.

3.If you were a beginner,and a woman,your stamina is important.Run every day,a week before you hike.Believe me,I drag my feet towards the top and I lost my energy to return to the starting point.I need some help from a man to drag me on the way down.Hence,I told you ladies,the gloves!

4.No need permit.Just a very good stamina.

5.Do not rest for a long time on the mountain.In my case,I went down at 3pm.Remember,we were in the middle of forest.Anything could happens.Please hike back before it gets dark.7.30 am is the best time to start.You will need maximum 2 hours to Mini Irau,rest for half and hour,then continue about 1hour to the top.You will have plenty of time on the way down.