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Do you want to write a new post.

Sing like frozen 'do you want to build a snowman'.

Do you want to write a new post..
It's all about a new whole things
I swear I'm not write feelings anymore
I get tired of it
I just want to be happy

I have my best buddies
I have my family
and Allah always with meee

do you want to write a new post
let start writing and don't get lost
okay byeee

haha .If you were my follower and my blog reader. I had turn my previous post into draft.There was a lot of conflict happens during my university life,and I would like to keep it  as my memories.You had give me a lot of strength in your comment before.I really.. really appreciate it guys.You are the best reader ever.ha melebih pulak dekat situ.

Anyway,I'm going to continue to write.I can't leave my blog NOOO,be it lame,or even worst.Sometimes being a blogger means kita tgh perasan sorang-sorang bajet ramai orang baca.But it just you refreshing your own site.hahaha admit it booo

So,maybe I'm going to write on tra…