That deadly questions

Can I shout to my inner self please stop growing up because I'm feeling the pressure right now.

I mean everything seems messed up a little. I literally become lost again at this age. And that deadly question..when are you getting married?

It's cliche but torturing me at the same times. I wouldn't mind to crash beastie wedding but what's with the rush...hmm I'm a lil bit worried of my single unplanned life. But I'm enjoying every bit of the no one will kacau you in the middle of night and want to talk to you.

I like the feeling of loving someone.I hate it when we start to miss each other. I think that is the most killing emotion to have someone you can't live with.

To some extent, I really wants to get hitch.but the feeling of living under the same roof with someone new is pretty horrible as the future is still blurry.Plus, I don't know which obstacles I will face on in my marriage.

I just feel it very close. But the person that I will married, his voic…

Bachelorette party

Hi! Assalamualaikum

Since today I got a lot of free time because i'm waiting for my car for it's medical checkup (1st 10 000km), I will write something here.

This might be a very late post, but it's
precious and it's better late than never. Hasanah was married two days ago and it went smooth. The bride was very happy excluding some moments that she became a bridezilla only for a short period of times. Well, that happens when your expections doesn't meet your needs right. But, the most important things the bride is happy and she looks beautiful.

Last month, we planned for a short gateaway for her. It was held at The Lost World of Tambun, Perak. As per usual, a whatsapp group was created and all discussions went through it. It is so much easier to plan surprise with technology!

We choose the place because the brides want to play at waterpark. She look forward for that holiday because she works hard to finish her housemanship and preparing for wedding, by herself. Lo…

Closing 2017

I have stories, too many that I hope someone special will listen to me But He is nowhere to be found And I was left alone..again
I hope for strength,passions and more sparks in 2018
May the odds will ever be with me Because I'm unique, in my own way

Stand on your own hidayah

Hi readers,
It's almost time that I need to moved out from the hospital. I love hospital environment more than admin/management works.(except that we need to do on-call on weekends and weekdays).I do admit that my competency in managing ward cases was quite low than amirah & vickram.There might be some cases that I could handle. Most of them need critical thinking and I was too lazy to think about it pronto. As we need to decide fast and help doctors with all the calculation, doses, drug interaction, if the patient have other underlying factors and much more!
Talking about being posted out, I am so excited but afraid of the consequences. I might not be able to do hospital works...ever..again.Might be stuck at store, handling tender and deal with supplier. I am not afraid to be independent again. Being far away from family. I am used to it,as I live in boarding school , plus 6 years stay in Egypt had give me a lot of experience to solve my own conflict . I call mom once per 3 …

Sword bearer

Never did this again in a far away states. I did it in perlis. Nun kodiang sana!

It was the most tiring road trip.. if I am the one who's driving.hahaha. We start to drives at 4 am and stop only to pray. I think by the time it was 9am , i felt asleep and the drivers had changes. As soon as we arrives, I bump into my skuad first.. Oh this man all are getting married finally. Blessed them.

It was quite a good start for me, arrives on time, change cloth to no 1 . Practice for 10 minutes.. And tradada..the ceremony.

Some pictures for memories...:)

Hari raya 2017

2017 had become a new chapter for our family. To celebrate raya without my only second brother. Of course I have my third, fourth and little one. But yun had play a big roles of my journey as we come back together and always be there during college lifes. The weekdays skype routines. time flies.
Umi already prepared us 3 sets of baju raya for 3 days raya in rows. All plans must be follow accordingly. So she plans on yellow ( i hate yellow), purple and green. Umi do I need to sync with the whole family? Lets just don't overdue this celebrations. My boyfriends is on duty these raya seasons. Like that make sense for her. Baju raya already done from the first week of raya.
So here is my raya pictures , yellow, purple , and green. 

Of dating

Life is the most excites when you start dating, like in another word you suddenly fall in love with a guy out of no where. I still remember the first day I met this guy during my first week in mess. I don't have any feelings for him. He is such a mengada trying me or am I just have feeling it on one side love. Anyway the words I love you comes 6 month after continous texting. He park beside my car. I didn't know that is one of the tactic. So tricky this one. But it makes my heart flutters. Well maybe, a little bit.

I remembered the first time of dating was with his friends( and the nice asus laptop) , me with my tiny notepad trying to figure out excel sheets. But it worth the view because it was infront of klcc view. After two weeks, he's gone. And I felt like I have lost a good friends. I was clingy at that time. And I went through courses. I texted him. I didn't know I have the capability to do that. And I called him. We talk for hours. Oh mai god what was that?