Dear my future grandson

Dear my future grandson,

Let me tell you about my story.On how your grandma start to make a decision to join army.It is a very tough one.I swear!.One word that I could say.The job chase me,and it is my fate to serve for peoples who needed me most.No matter how much I ran from it,my heart goes back to be a military officer.I'm guessing that I really do interested in army.At once,people underestimate me,they tell me I'm short,that army doesn't suit me,I'm not capable of being strong,but the most that I hurt is when they tell me I can't .But, I did it my dear grandson.I pass all the interview.I proves them that this short lady is going to be an army soon.

Dear my future grandson,

I went into a lot of interview,but the interview with Director of Pharmacy in Royal Armed Forces,had change me into a whole new person.He gives me a task,to read a book.Sun Tzu The Art of War.From the book,I learned.He gives me order.Things that I never did before.He push me to get out of my comfort zones.To run every single day,to have a new hobby,to emphasize what I read into action,to be open to any obstacles,and to answer the question "who am I".He has lead me the way.Within 5 month,I found my passion,that I love to hike.and I need to improve my writing.I was annoyed with his order.But once I have completed a task .I feel so good that I want to sing.

Dear my future grandson,

I want you to know that my hand freezes when I got a phone call from Sarjan Nizam. He told me to stay for a week in a camp at Royal Military College.I was shocked and confused.I talk with peoples,but none of them understood my worries.I was told that I am the only lady.I am afraid at first,but my grandpa convince me.He told me in malay "Hidayah,jangan takut,,semua baik2 nanti ".A guy in my office said to me."Let the guys see you and your potential,you do your task,but make sure you try your very best".With those words,I took the courage to come for the final interview.

The interview went smooth.I meet a lot of friends,who cares about me.We share our stories.I want you to know that I am happy with my decision.I do have a lot to tell you.About my journey.But let me go through the process first.


your grandma in a red scarf


Liyana Yamin said…
To your future grandson? That was really random. Anyways, you are an amazing kak dayah. I've always believed that you will contribute well to the community. Do your very best and serve for the sake of Allah. Take care and keep in touch :)
hidayah azman said…
I am random yana. ahha.Thank you yana.Akak percaya you have the same potentials.Take care and good luck in you master!
soooo I'm late agaiinnnnn ! dayah, all the best for everything, may allah always always always protect you & congrats ya ! :)
hidayah azman said…
Angah>> yo wassup angah

Aini >> thank you ainiiii.kau pun samaa okay take care.rajin update blog tu wei
Nadia Azmi said…
There u goes with ur unique style of writing.. i found it intriguing to write a future letter to ur future grandson..wish u have many in the future..hehe..p/s- i miss u dayah ♡

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