Stand on your own hidayah

Hi readers,

It's almost time that I need to moved out from the hospital. I love hospital environment more than admin/management works.(except that we need to do on-call on weekends and weekdays).I do admit that my competency in managing ward cases was quite low than amirah & vickram.There might be some cases that I could handle. Most of them need critical thinking and I was too lazy to think about it pronto. As we need to decide fast and help doctors with all the calculation, doses, drug interaction, if the patient have other underlying factors and much more!

Talking about being posted out, I am so excited but afraid of the consequences. I might not be able to do hospital works...ever..again.Might be stuck at store, handling tender and deal with supplier. I am not afraid to be independent again. Being far away from family. I am used to it,as I live in boarding school , plus 6 years stay in Egypt had give me a lot of experience to solve my own conflict . I call mom once per 3 month, sometimes she's busy with house chores , so I ended up having routine skype with yun. It helps yun. You my no 1 listener at that moments.

I actually can do it again. I am still young, right?

Cooking is my therapy. Still am. I enjoy giving peoples foods rather than shopping. You don't have the guilt when you give peoples good foods. But you feel at fault if you finish all the salary for all those stupids bags, shoes, or shawls that you believe you won't wear it often. haha.

so,guys...being independent... I am not sure at this moments.

One day, if I got married. I need to stand on my own. I need to take care of my husband and feed my children.

I can't be kids. I am a grown up lady. 

posting out?

 I am ready!


Anonymous said…
Semoga berjaya di tempat baru,Madam.
PPUKM, miss you loads.

nama rahsia...hahaha
hidayah azman said…
kak ijatttt! i know its youuuuu

Anonymous said…

nama rahsia lagi!

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